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Incinerator Smoke Dust Filter(Wet Scrubber)

Call us on  0086-25-8461 0201


  Usage: Spank&Dissolve type smoke dust filter, remove dust of the end gas from Incinerator

The end gas flow from second burner chamber to dust cleaner, span the water, with the speed about 18-30 meter per second(m/s). The big dust dissolve in the water by two apron, which flow with “S” path.

1, material of the water tank: stainless steel.
2, The smoke dust filter can fit indoor, outdoor or house-roof. If fit indoor with the incinerator, make sure well ventilation because the temperature will be high of the incinerator.
3, The water level control by water level gauge or manual of the water-back-tube.
4, Water drain via valve. Clean all of the water if do not use long time.
5, Clean the dust scum per ONE month at least.

1. Cleaning efficiency: >98%
2. Water volume: 0.25m3
3. Air speed: 1618~3371m3/h
4. Air pressure : 1194~727Pa
5. Power: 2.2kw、2900r/min
6. Water consumption: 15kg/h











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