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 3rd Dec, 2012

 Research and Markets: Waste: A Handbook for Management

 The breadth of information included in this single volume will make it the most comprehensive coverage of waste on the market. It focuses on all of the main areas including household waste (compostable material, paper, glass, textiles, household chemicals, plastic, water, e-waste), industrial and societal waste (metals, building, tires, medical battery, hazardous mining, nuclear, ocean, military, and space), and the future of landfills and incinerators. Including all the issues related to waste in one volume will help lead to comparisons, synergistic solutions, and a more informed society. In addition to a comprehensive coverage of waste, this book will offer the best ways of managing the problems through recycling, incineration, landfill and other processes.

 2nd Dec, 2012

 Krakows Controversial Waste Incinerator Programme on the Final Stretch

  The artists impression depicts a radically modern looking building with a green-clad, sloping roof. Stripes resembling the pattern of crops or mown grass add a rustic touch. But its what is inside that really matters C a waste incinerating facility with a promised output of 8 MW, equal to the energy used by Krakows trams or its street lighting, plus 35 MW of heat.

 30th Nov, 2012

 Plan for Great Blakenham incinerator to heat greenhouses

 The company behind a waste incineration plant near Ipswich is proposing that it could be used to heat a £30m greenhouse project.

 15th Nov, 2012

 CEO Says Rotoblock Medical Waste Treatment Addresses Urgent Health Needs in China

 Following a recent business trip to China, Andrew Schneider, CEO of Rotoblock Corp. (OTCBB: RTBC), said there is a critical need for non-incinerator-based medical waste treatment.

 22nd Oct, 2012

 Incinerator rule change is turning us into wasteland

 ANGRY residents have slammed the Scottish Government for turning East Lothian into a wasteland after councillors lifted a restriction on where waste treated at a proposed incinerator can come from.

 10th Oct,  2012

 German state bank KfW targeted over Beijing waste-burning plant

 The fight over a US$128 million waste incinerator being built in Beijing with German money appears to have reached a stalemate.

 14th Aug,  2012

Vietnam puts locally-made medical waste incinerator into use

the Bac Kan-based Hoa Tu Long Industry Company officially put the medical waste incinerator (YT30) into operation. This is the first high-tech incinerator made in Vietnam.

 3rd Aug,  2012

PETALING Jaya City Council (MBPJ) has plans to purchase a new incinerator for its crematorium in Kampung Tunku.

 4th Aug,  2012

 Incinerator project hits a roadblock

 2nd Jun,  2012

 High-tech incinerator fix for mountains of garbage

 30th May,  2012

 Toxic medical waste incinerator planned

 28th May, 2012

 Launch of new Phuket incinerator misfires

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