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  14. Regarding insurance and fee under each contract -----March. 12nd, 2014

       Actually, from year 2013, we will pay insurance fee under each contact and customer do not need to pay this cost.

  13. Chinese New Year!

     We will be in Chinese New Year Holiday from 25th Jan to 12 Feb, 2014.

   12. Incinerator Model updated now ----May.27th, 2013

     the TS PLC model incinerator come instead of SYC model now.

  11. Company Name Changed  --- May.17th, 2013

    From 17th May, 2013, company name change to be "Nanjing Clover Medical Technology Co.,Ltd."

 10. Clover Incinerator, new Logo be valid in coming year 2013  ---Nov.27th, 2012

  Clover Medical Limited will use new Logo for our company and market.

 9. Updated workmanship of incinerator chimney  ---- Oct. 16th, 2012

  Clover incinerator will updated incinerator chimney (stack) to Stainless Steel material.The new material is able to withstand corrosion and longer lifetime.*according to order

 8. New Product Catalogue and User Guide issued ---- Jun.24th, 2012

   Now, Clover issue updated incinerator catalogue and user guide for customer...(see demo)

 7. Our Company Email account be attacked by somebody ---Jun.1st, 2012

 our email account be attacked by somebody. On Jun 1st, from 19:22Pm(China Beijing time), we received more than 500 email indicated that we sent some email to some one and more of these email address is not valid, then system send us report subject "Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender". This matter stop until our technical staff action... (for more)

 6. Regarding Fumigation/Disinfection Certificate ---Apr.18th, 2012

 Fumigation/Disinfection Certificate is a certification document that Fumigation/Disinfection upon the shipping wooden carton or container, to kill the virus or pest. .....(for more)

 5. What's the shipping document? --- Nov.28, 2011

  shipping document mean after the seller delivery equipment in china sea port, seller will send some document to buyer. ......(for more)

 4. The gas/oil burner of incinerator equipment --- Nov.26, 2011

 we supply incinerator and also burners. Some model of incinerator use Italy original burner (gas or oil fuel) and ......(for more)

 3. Regarding website of clover medical limited --- Oct. 26, 2011

  You may find several different website of clover medical limited, that's true. we have some different domain and website for market, ......(for more)

 2. Regarding Shipping Insurance - One case from Macau, SAR --- Sept. 5, 2011

 In year 2011, one Macau (China) place an order of incinerator, model SYC-30. This order under CIF business term and the carton ship via Hongkong port......(for more)

 1. Something about clover medical limited and clover incinerator --- Jan. 17, 2011

 First, we are one manufacturer in china. we are in this field from year 2005 and at that time......(for more)

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