Waste Incinerator Installation and Commissioning Services

Technicians from CLOVER are available to supervise customer’s skilled staff for installation, commissioning, train customer’s technical and production staff and help the staff to produce qualified end product.

Clover’s engineers mission is operate or direct customer’s worker how to do. Local customer have to supply necessary equipment and local engineers or workers.

Pease note that reserve the right to decide whether to go to certain countries according to order or agreement. Generally, we proposal customer send engineers come to Clover to learn incinerator information, and the Training  cost is free.

We also supply full document and video material for incinerator use guide, installation, operation, maintaince during use and problem fixed. For after sale service, we always supply email, phone supports. Please contact with us with background information during incinerator operation, photo at local site with problem point.

Clover think us live on the earth, live in clover.

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