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Model SYC-50 Incinerator

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Model YZ-20 Incinerator

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Model YZ-100 Incinerator

Model YZ-150 Incinerator

 Vacuum Cleaning Furnace




Vacuum Cleaning Furnace


  Vacuum cleaning furnace suitable for chemical fiber industry Polyester, Kam perish and propylene perish and spunbond nonwoven production of components, spinning plates, filter cartridge and cleaning, also applies to the use of plastic extrusion mold cleaning industry.

  The device uses a polymer melt at about 300 degrees, higher than 300 degrees of isolation air cracking haggard characteristics may be fully oxidized in a small amount of air and has a certain degree of vacuum environment is higher than 400 degrees, the first the sticky polymer dirt workpiece is heated to 300 degrees (prepared according to the process requirements), so that after the workpiece a larger number of polymer melt flowing into the lower portion of the collecting container of the furnace, and then the furnace temperature to 400 - 500 degrees, at the same time open the vacuum pump, and leads to a small amount of fresh air, the remaining polymer is fully oxidized to generate carbon dioxide, water ring vacuum pump suction after water spray, and water to expel.

  The series vacuum cleaning furnace are made of stainless steel tube is heated directly inside the vacuum furnace, sealing parts are made of high-temperature seals do not need the protection of the water-cooled, the heating power of the device is small, high thermal efficiency, heating up fast, good temperature uniformity heater inspection, maintenance and convenient than furnace take-heater heating 40% power saving, water-saving 60%, and overcome the defects caused by the water-cooled furnace temperature uniformity, local cleaning ineffective.

  The device has a complete automation of work performance, program temperature controller for input intended work program, the device that is able to automate cleaning work, half-way without human intervention, and has over-temperature, lack of phase, and no water or low water pressure alarm functions.







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