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Clover Pet Animal Cremation Equipment

Clover Medical supply Incinerator for pet animal cremation. This equipment can burn family pet and animal, bird, cat,  dog, pig, etc. The burn rate around 50-100kgs per hour. For large animal, can choose YD series incinerator.


Model SYC-30 SYC-50 SYC-100
Average Treatment (kg/Hr.) * as Animal 20 35 70
Average Feed (Kg) * as Animal 15 90 120
Fuel Oil/Gas Oil/Gas Oil/Gas
Combustion Chamber 0.15 0.9 1.2
Dual Combustion Chamber Yes Yes Yes
Ash Collection No No No
Equipment Weight (Kg) 2300 4000 4500
Animal Size cat, small dog dog big dog, small pig







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