High Performance Small Incinerator Plant

Product Description

Pyrolytic incineration technical is conventional waste treatment way for several years. All around the planet, in many nations, people anti incinerator since the incinerator will produce a large Dioxin in the smoke. Dioxins can be released to the environment through woods fires, krakow incinerator project, kwai chung incineration plant, kyrgyzstan waste to power, laboratory scale incinerator provider, laboratory crematorium, laboratory icinerator manufacturer, backyard burning of trash, certain industrial activities, and residue from beyond business burning of waste. Dioxins break down very slowly and past releases of dioxins from both natural and man-made resources still exist in the surroundings. Anyhow, we have to remind that, this is big scale incineration pant, generally greater than 30 ton every day. This is a social problem, to analyze and suggest ways in different angles from the public, government, economic growth, environmental protection, technology development, etc. 

YDC incinerator is newest design for waste treatment, include health care waste, animal cremation and other solid waste. This equipment quality structural for kinds of website, such as hospital, environmental department, animal cremation services, etc… CLOVER Incinerator provide updated models with dual combustion chamber, mix combustion space and smoke filter chamber with refractory lines, along with the combustion chamber temperature up to 1200 deg C.

Items Specification
YDC Model YD-10C / YD-20C / YD-30C / YD-50C
Main Product List Primary Combustion Chamber
Secondary Combustion Chamber
Mix Combustion Chamber
Smoke Filter Chamber
Incinerator Common Control Case
Stainless Steel Chimney
Italy oil/gas burner: 02 units
Oil Tank (if oil fuel)


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