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Incinerator, incineration equipment to burn material you want to burn. most of time, Incinerator for waste burning, including solid waste, liquid waste and gas waste. the Incinerator fuel including oil, gas, coal, wood, etc. the fuel function for start burn, keep waste burn or only keep burn itself to get high temperature. Incinerator request 1/2/3/more […]
We delivery  small scale incinerator to Haiti and kindly customer send back the local photo. Items/Model YD-20C Burning Rate (kgs/Hour) Average 20 kgs/Hr. Feed Capacity (kgs) Average 40 kgs Equipment Weight 2100 kgs Primary Chamber (Liters) 200 Secondary Chamber (Liters) 140 External Dimensions (cm) 170x140x160 Internal Dimensions (cm) Dia.55×65 Oil Tank(Liters) 100 Door Opening (cm) […]
Technicians from CLOVER are available to supervise customer’s skilled staff for installation, commissioning, train customer’s technical and production staff and help the staff to produce qualified end product. Clover’s engineers mission is operate or direct customer’s worker how to do. Local customer have to supply necessary equipment and local engineers or workers. Pease note that […]
Three sets incinerator with 1oo kgs per hour capacity dispatch to Africa customer.
Mobile Containerized Incinerator, moveable for truck, buring rate upto 100kgs per hour. We design for end customer, we dispatch for better services. Model CA50 Feed Capacity Average 60 kgs per feed Burning Rate Average 70 kgs per hour Burning Time per Feed 1 hour Voltage 220V Power 0.7Kw Fuel Diesel oil Burner Italy Burner Feed […]
Nanjing Clover Medical technology Co.,Ltd. is a leading waste incinerator manufacturer in China, the incinerator for hospital medical waste incineration, pets and animal cremation, other solid waste incineration treatment.
Clover supply optional dust wet scrubber system for waste incinerators. the main parts included wet cooling spray scrubber, wet dust filter and fog&waste separator. This system is valid for mid-large scale waste incinerator, model YD150,YD200,YD300,YD500,YD600. for small scale waste incinerator, supply dry scrubber(filter) chamber.
Clover Incinerator supply medical waste incinerators with capacity 10kgs per hour to 500kgs per hour. The incinerator with dual/double combustion chamber and dry filter chamber, two fuel burner from Italy manufactured, hot sale model for small scale waste output, the capacity is 30kgs per hour and 50kgs per hour. We are famous small scale incinerator […]
a.) incinerator for waste. VS cremator for animals b.) incineration to be ash and clean it. VS cremation and collect ash into pet cremation urns. c.) waste stack disorderly.VS pet in chamber individual. d.) waste material complicated. VS pet is body. e.) waste incineration is public affairs. VS pet cremation is personal business more. f.) waste […]
New continued feeding incinerator is valid for large scale incinerator, main function including a.)waste feeding system, b.)incinerator mainbody, c.)wet scrubber system. Burning rate up to 500kgs per hour and 4.7m3 primary combustion chamber capacity. Waste Auto-Feeding →→ Shredder System→→ Primary Combustion Chamber→→ Mix & Secondary Combustion Chamber Wet Spray Scrubber→→ Wet Dust Scrubber→→ Cyclone Filter […]
Principle of the Incinerator equipment is incineration/combustion/burn. Generally, the function is waste treatment for Solid waste, Liquid waste, Gas waste, etc.   The main body is one combustion chamber (at least), Refractory line or firebrick, Insulation materials and the outer plate. Ignition element is external oil or gas burner. The burner can be running until […]
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