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Please send us the quote,pictur , characteristic, installation plan and
catalogue of an waste incinerator of hospital for a capacity of 150 Kg
/ h.


Our company is interested to buy waste incinerator model (yD-500). Please send us price information and delivery and shipment detail.


Managing director

the National Depatment of Health with 3 sets of 50Kg/Hr Medical Waste Incinerators. As the tender closes on the 22 of November we would like to submit our bid and would request you to kindly supply us your best price for 3 sets of 50kg/hr Medical Waste Incinerator. All further technical spec will be forwarded to you once we have you feedback. Your price to include sea freight(CIF) to Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

We are looking for one sludge incinerator, to burn less than 10 KG/ hours, can you quote for us, urgent one incinerator to do that, other question is if this unit is made in China?.


1.5 MMBtu / hr waste combustion, providing 200-250 lb/hr (90-114 kg/hr)

Processing capacity for mixed waste streams with an average gross

HHV of 5500-8500 Btu/lb

Batch Operation: Approx. 1.9 yb3 (1.45 m3) per 4-6 hour operation cycle

Intermittent Feed (w/optional loader): .9 yd3/hr (.7 m3/hr) up to 8 hrs/day

Specifications: Length overall -9'-6" (2896 mm) batch system w/o loader

18'-6" (5639mm) w/optional loader system Width overall -7'-6" (2820mm)

Height (w/o stack) -10'-0" (3048mm) Approx. Weight - 14,000 lbs. (6364 kg) w/o






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