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Good day! We are looking for Bio-Medical Incinerator (Mobile/Portable) Natural Gas and Diesel System (Dual System),500kg, 1000kg and 2000kg. Let me have full specification of your suggested model and price (CFR Chittagong) list for the same. Should your prices are favorable we may go for 10 sets.


Please be noted that, we are one of the major supplier of Safety, Security and Road Transport equipment suppliers to Bangladesh Government since more than 15 years. (Bangladesh )

kindly can we know the price of Incinerator Model YD-300 FOP
we are looking to setup one unit for a hospital in Southern Sudan (Dubai UAE)

me gustaria conocer el precio de los icineradores por que estoy expandiendo mi empresa (Honduras)


We are very interested your product such as Incinerator, Model : YD - 15C
We want to order this equipment with the quantity are 3 units.

Please let us know the quotation of this equipment.

Besides, You also send the brochure of this model and all certificaters that your equipment reached.

For example such as Certificate IS0 9001....(Ha Noi City, Viet Nam

We are looking for an initial order of 3 medical waste {medical, clinical & surgical, type 4 pathological waste (red bag waste)} incinerators.

The desirable burn rate is 150 KG/HR with the following capacities:

1. Load Capicity 850 KG
Burn Rate 150Kg/HR

2. Load Capicity 500 KG
Burn Rate 150Kg/HR

3. Load Capicity 300 KG
Burn Rate 150Kg/HR

Please provide us the technical and operational details and price quote per machine including FOB.

Delivary to: Middle East/North African Region.

I would  like ask  you a quotation on  your   SYC-10 .  please provide me  the quotation for that  particular incenarator, and please kindly send me the technical specification sheet. (KIGALI-RWANDA)

In Mongolia, our company performs in field of city landscaping and environmental detailed assessment. Recently, we began to import technique of environmental monitoring and provide other companies.
We are participating for tender during 03/09/2012-03/10/2012. We are looking for animal corpse/carcass incinerator for dog and cat.
Technical specification:
1. Dimensions: 2.2m(l) x 1.5m(w) x 2.5m(h)
2. Fully automatic computer multi control system.
3. Fuel Options- Diesel and natural gas, electricity
4. Wasted fuel- >12L/h
5. The incinerator should burn up to 200kg < of waste per hour.
6. Min.temperature-750癈<
7. Max.temperature-1000癈<
Can you send us quotation and datasheet, please?
We are looking forward for your response.(Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia)

precio del crematorio de 500 kilos hora (Panama)

interested to buy Medical waste incinerator model: YD-50 for the hospital we are operating in Yemen Republic,  would you advise us your product distributor in both Yemen Republic and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Please provide your best prices, availability, delivery period & payment terms for the Following items.


Incinerator   Qty: 3 each


1.         Multiple chamber type, horizontal stationary cylindrical body;

2.         Capacity of 15 kilograms per hour;

3.         Diesel-Powered;

4.         Burners  should  be  monoblock  type  with  built-in  fan,  motor,  electronic  programmer, automatic ignition, fuel regulator, registration  and security sensor  device for the absence of flame triggering solenoid valve mounted on the easel supply;

5.        The system should have ventilation for sweeping previous gases before activating the fuel supply to the burner;

6.         Equipped with main combustion  chamber and a second chamber  for reburning  designed to ensure  complete  combustion  of the gases  resulting  from  incomplete  combustion  of inert gases in the chimney, within the standards recommended  by the World Health Organization;

7.         Equipped with temperature controller to adjust the air of the combustion of the waste, and fuel flow in the burners of the firing chamber and  re-burning  in order  to conserve power when reached the "stead state" of the combustion process;

8.         The control system  must also be provided  with an audible alarm  in case of decrease  in temperature. The characteristic of local power is three-phase 220/127V - 60Hz.;

9.         The natural circulation of the gases will be induced in a chimney height at least 6 meters and diameter of at least 40 centimeters, so that negative pressure  is sufficient to protect the operator from excess of fires or dispersion  of noxious gases;

10.       Supplied with  electrical  control  panel  with  thermo-magnetic protection  and  command buttons; and,

11.       Equipped   with   pyrometers  meters/controller   of   thermocouple  temperature   with chromium-aluminium,  range  0-1200 Deg C (to  observe  the  temperature of the  first  and

Second chamber and also of the chimney).

We are in the process of procurement of Incinerator for our 250 bed Hospital. Kindly advise the size of the incinerator we should go for and what will be the estimated cost. The unit is to be delivered to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.


WHO (world health organization) we have planned to construct 10 medical waste incinerators in Afghanistan health facilities, kindly inform me about prices for your productions  per capacity 50/ 100/150 kg/hr. so accordingly I will request

We are a company from Algeria looking for 
hospital waste combustion
 weight: 150KG/H and 1500L/H (Algeria)


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