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My name is Jie Chen and I am writing to ask for your help. I am interested in your incinerator. I wonder if you could contact me so we can discuss this in more details.

Thank you in advance. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. (New Zealand)

We are looking for incinerators for the hospitals in Sudan. They have no diesel and gas. As fuel they want to use timber in order to burn the medical waste, such as sryinge with needle. Is it possible to offer such a type

Await your reply urgently.(Japan)

Hi. I wont to know if i can burn dog´s with the
pet crematorium furnace ? How mutch is the price for the oven? My comerce is in Brazil.

thank you for all

Roy Kreuzer(Brazil)

Thank you for your quotation.

1) What are the international standards to which you manufacture the quoted incinerators?
2) What are the certified emission levels of the quoted incinerators?
3) Can the incinerator be run 24 hours? If so, what is the diesel consumption per hour?
4) If the incinerator should be run less than 24 hours a day - what is the max. recommended hours per day? And how much diesel per hour then?

According to my basic knowledge, the Chinese standard does not meet the Sri Lankan standard because Sri Lanka follows the EPA standards. Depending on the emission levels of the incinerator, I believe if you use a scrubber you should be able to meet the required standards. Can you please let me know if you sell scrubbers too?

Best Regards,(Sri Lanka )

Need 1 PC Drug Disposal Incinerator (YD-50) on trial bases.
Please quote minimum.(INDIA)

Incinerator for Pharmaceutical use with Schrubbing unit

Capacity: 200 Kg / Hours
Disesel / Gas Operated

We would also like to know the delivery cost of shipment.

Please also let us know that if your Incinerators are meeting the EU Environmental  requirement. (Bangladesh )

Pls we need your best price for model YZ-10 MEDICAL INCINERATOR. (Nigeria)

We are seeking Incinerators for medical waste capable of 100 kg/hr and 300 kg/day.

If your company is interested and able to supply these plants, please acknowledge this email

Any product datasheets and indicative price range would be most welcome (Fiji )

We would like to get specifications for YD 50, YZ-50, SYC-50.
More we like to know Incinerator with primary and secundary chamber (What is temeprature range in primary and secundary chamber)
Deas your Incinerator can use energy for boiling water for heat?
Plese tell us what is gas retention time in secundary chamber? (Serbia)

Item : Incinerator

Qty : 01 No

Make :

Model :

Country of Origin :

Country of Manufacture :

Specifications ( Pls forward your catologue)

General Specifications

capacity - 50 Kg

Burn rate - 20 Kg/h

maximum Temperature - 1000C

Operating Energy - Diesel

Ignition method -

Combustion chambers - 2

Insulation - refractory Lining

No of burners - 2

Loading Method - Front load with safety latch

Chimney - Heavy duty stainless steel

Control - Burner control

Thermostat control

Timer control

Fan timer control

Instrumentation -4 Digit temperature display

Ash removal - Separate ash removal door

Fuel consumption per Kg -

Automatic & simple to operate control pannel -

3 mm steel casing & fully insulation

Dense refractory concrete lining rated to 1400 degree to C

safety chute for easy loading -

SS Flue as standard -

Heat recovery option -

Easy onsite Installation -

chamber -

heavy Duty Steel casing

High Quality refectory lining & insulation

1 x Diesel fired ignition burners operated on / off

Front Loading Door (safety catch

Separate Ash removal Door

With chimney Pls mention the dimension

Technical Specifications

Length - mm

Width - mm

Height incl Flue - mm

Door opening - mm

Height to door - mm  (Maldives )


There is a local tender in Mozambique to supply and install medical incinerator with 25Kg/h of capacity.


Could you please confirm if you can send me CIF Maputo price as per the tender specifications. (Mozambique)

1) What is the shipping volume ?
2) Could you please details of the control panel features. Refer specs please.
3) Refer to spec - does your incinerator have the "liquid retention sill"
4) Does your incinerator have a built in fuel tank, if so what is the volume
5) The spec calls for the incinerator to be shut off when the door is open
6) Please confirm burner is shut off when the door is open
7) Does the incinerator have an " external heat protection shield "
8) could you please supply data sheets for the burner, refractory bricks, insulation, control panel, photos
9) You have specified the shipping is included as CIF to Fiji port. Please confirm ?
10) Please give details and data sheets for the burner
11) Please give details for the fans / blowers
12) Please give details for the burning chamber insulation / refractory bricks
13) Please give details for the burning chamber insulation / refractory bricks
14) Does the chimney have a spark arrestor as called for in the specifications?
15) Your offer does not include a cyclone type of separator. If you have such a item, please give details and price
16) Your offer does not state compliance with any standards. We require compliance with UK / US or Australian standards
17) Your offer does not include safety registration certificates, please provide this information
18) Can you give a copy of a licensing certificate for your plant ?
19) Can you provide some general arrangement drawings, dimensions and photos of your plant
20) Can you give a list of installation where this exact type of plant is installed, particularly in UK / US / Australia (Fiji)

Skid Mounted
Capacity: 150kg/hour
Should be capable of handling below listed Waste categories:
Type 0: Trash – Highly combustible waste. Paper, wood, cardboard cartons, and up to 10% treated papers, plastic or rubber scraps
Type 1: Rubbish -Combustible waste, paper, cartons, rags, wood scraps, combustible floor sweepings, domestic, commercial and industrial sources
Type 2: Refuse – Rubbish and Garbage, Residential sources
Type 3: Garbage – Animal and vegetable wastes, restaurants, hotels, markets, institutional, commercial and club sources
Type 4: Animal Solids and Organic Waste – Carcasses, organs, solid organic waste, hospital, laboratory, abattoirs, animal pounds and similar sources
Incinerator technical data
1.Burner Type: Vertical Stationery Grate;
2.Fuel Type: Diesel or gas;(option)
3.Light-up :Electronic Automatic light-up;
4.Ash Emission: Slag fall down to the Slag Chamber, flyash collected by the bag-type filter ;
5.Burner Pressure: -50Pa~-100Pa;
6.Designed Thermal Value: 6300KJ ~12500KJ;
7.Waste Gas Disposal: Dry absorption 、Spray type cooling、Bag-type filter dedust;
8.Burner temperature: 800~850℃, Secondary Chamber: 1100℃;
9.Fuel gas residence time:2s;
10. Fully automatic control system, , designed with interlock, trouble alarm system;
11.Fuel gas emission according to GB18484-2001《pollution control standard for burning hazardous waste》;

May I know the price of your 2 models for pet cremation?

What's the benefit of getting the bigger model vs. the smaller one?

Can the smaller one accommodate large-size dogs?


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