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I need your quotation for poultry incinerators.
I currently have 100000 birds and will be having around 300000 birds by the end of next year. I need your advice regarding the best incinerators that suits my needs along with quotation. (Pakistan)

I am interested in incinerator 300, the cost of delivery to Kazakhstan
or Russia. and how many combustion chambers, I have two front loading.(Russia)


We received information about your company and your product line as well as a recommendation from Dr. H. Lange, an “Environmental

    Management Systems Consultant” in this region Southeast Asia.

    This Procurement Bureau understands your firm is strong established in those technologies and a known quality incinerator manufacturer.


    Therefore we have been advised today, after a regional meeting, to invite your esteemed firm to take part in this tender despite that the

    tender participation application deadline is going to be expire. 

    Kindly respond at your earliest convenience today or latest MON, July 09, 2012 if your company would like to be a tenderer in order to do

    the necessary arrangements since your firm has been introduced and time is now of essence.   (Malaysia)


We are looking for an Incinerator with 250 to 350 kg per hour capacity (approximate 2500 kg per shift or day)

Should have chimney with the pollution control Hipa filters

Gas treatment technology

Machine run by Diesel

The equipment must have approval from the local regulation body by SASO / Ministry of Agriculture in Saudi Arabia and PME


If you have already installed your incinerators in Saudi Arabia, kindly provide contact details to learn more about your product

and services. Also provide the contact details of your local authorized agent in Saudi Arabia. (Saudi Arabia.)

Dear Sir,
We are looking for Incenerator to burn top secret document for our Defence minister .10 Kg ,25 Kg and 50 Kg . (Malaysia)

Our company is planning for incinerators plants capcity 2000 kg- 2500 kg/hr so please send me quotation with CIF Alriyadh Dry port Saudi Arabia as follows:

1. Units for Waste of medical products Likes Syringes, Gauze etc.

2. Units for Chemical, life hazard chemicals and medicines

3. Units for waste of Oil after recycling.

4. Units for Solid waste.

5. Please clarify me for solid wastage. (Riyadh Saudi )


We are a Pakistan based company involved in the sales and services of Medical Equipment through out Pakistan.A400 incinerator A400(SEC) incinerator A400(A)2 incinerator P16 incinerator

Currently we are in contact with our client interested in the purchase of hospital incinerator (for hospital waste) with a capacity of 50 kg/hr. They also require Flue Gas System. We would be grateful if you could kindly send us a price quote for the entire system.

We would also require the product brochure along with your quality certificates. 

I will be at your disposal if you require any further information.(Pakistan )


we are looking for incinerator, portable if available for medical products,  pharmaceuticals and medical tubing devices.

Kindly we are asking you to send us your best choice for medium capacity, 2 or 3 sizes if possible with all details and brochure, (Lebanon)

Qatar Business Management Group is a Business Consulting company engaged in manufacturing industry and we are in the processing of developing our business plans for the establishment of an Incinerator Plant specifically designed for Medical Disposal Materials/Products.


To be able to fully understand your product lines, can you provide us different models based upon the capacities of the incinerators along with the technical specification and price of each machineries.


Furthermore, if you can also include the delivery schedules based on sea freight shipment FOB & CIF from your seaport to Doha, Qatar seaport. (Qatar )

 We are company Arvutipank OÜ in Europe, Estonia. We are interested in
cooperating and doing business with you. We are planning to set up Pet
mobile cremation truck in Estonia. We would appreciate it if you could
help us. Firstly do you sell Pet cremation equipment that is possible to
build in Pet mobile cremation truck ? And what would be the price? (Estonia)

We M/s Ideal Business Products Peshawar KPK Pakistan, is hereby working in Medical Equipments here in Pakistan & Afghanistan, now a days we have some attractive projects of Hospital Incinerators, so kindly send us your offer & complete spex broucher / catalogues. Spex is attached for your ready referance plzzzzzz. (Pakistan)

TH is building a very big dairy project in Vietnam of 30,000 milking cows in 4 clusters.
The farm is made of 3 clusters, each about 7,500 cows, which are close to one another (2-3 km distance) and one cluster about 30 km away.
We are looking for animal carcasses incinerator that can handle 3-6 dead cows a day.
The unit must meet all American or Western European regulatory and environmental requirements.
It must have no smoke & no odor effect on the surrounding.
We are looking for 2 units. Each unit must be able to dispose a body of a dead grown cow.
We prefer that one unit will be a mobile unit and one a static unit.(Vietnam)

I am the project manager of waste management sector at DMN Canada, a trading company located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I am contacting you regarding a waste management project that we currently acquired through our joint venture company in Iran to design and construct municipal waste incinerators for several towns and cities in Iran. By reviewing your company’s website, I realized that your company designs and operates different types of waste incinerators. I would like to know if your company is interested in such a co-operation project in Iran.


To give you a brief summary of the project, we need to design and construct municipal waste incinerators for approximately 50 towns and cities with estimated waste production ranging from 1 ton/day to 550 tonnes/day (total of approximately 1630 tonnes/day).(Canada)

Hello I am looking for an incinerator to run on oil and to burn 300kg to 500kg of general waste per hour, could you please provide a price and information on the product. (PAPUA NEW GUINEA )

Estamos intersado en la compra del incinerador animal para uso de la clinica veterinaria de la Unversidad ISA , favor enviarnos las caracteristicas de los modelos que Ustedes ofrecen.(Dominican )

My name is Sebastian and I am working for "Integrated Camp Services", a company specialized in the design and construction of accommodation camps for mining companies and companies in the Oil & Gas exploration business.
We have designed a camp for 250 people and we need to supply a containerized waste incineration plant handling the following:
- 0.8kg/person/day Solid domestic waste
- 0.6kg/person/day Food waste
We would prefer an incinerator that is gas driven, but would consider oil.
Please be so kind and quote me asap, as the camp has been awareded already (Singapore )


We would like to cooperate with your company for some projects in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. If you are available for this cooperation , could you send me your best quotation and catalogue for the following products:

Waste incinerator, model: SYC20, qty: 20 units (Vietnam)


According to our earlier conversation over telephone, you are requested to confirm us your best price for the following items:

1.Solid waste disposal system(Medical Incinerator) complete with combustion chamber, combines with a ash box and removal door, secondary with safety features (copy enclosed of details specification),Qty:2Nos.

By the way, For your reference, pls find our company profile which is enclosed.

So send us your best price and also let us know that how many places you have supplied your goods in our country. (Bangladesh)

I am looking to obtain detailed information about the models YD-300 and YD-500 as advertised on your website. We are looking to purchase one medical waste incinerator for Sri Lanka along with engineer/technician who can train our engineers to properly operate the incinerator.

Please provide the following details:

1) Complete Technical Details
2) Emission Levels
3) Amount of Fuel used per hour for combustion
4) Recommended hours of use per day
5) Best CIF (Colombo) price. (Sri Lanka )

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