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Find your questions from history...

We are interested in your large animal incinerator,please send me your catalogues and the prices. (United Kingdom)

Hope this email finds you well.
Ministry of Health issued a Prequalification for supply and maintenance for medical Incinerators, we Alabdaly Combined Group submitted our supportive documents for management and operation the existing incinerators, and we already succeeded and shortlisted.A600 incinerator A600(SEC) incinerator A600(A)2 incinerator A2600(HF) incinerator
FYI, MOH will install 2 new incinerators; I think it will be a good chance to Clover Medical to participate. The aim of my email is our intention to discuss whether your esteemed company is interested to develop its operations to cover Kuwait's market. Please let me know so we can proceed. (Kuwait)

I would like to ask you about the pig farms waste incinerator . 1 how much will it cost. the exact price .
2 can it be used for daily garbage inciniration, (Singapore)

I am interested in a furnace for burning animal carcasses.
Please let us know the range and value of each model and their capabilities.(Russian Federation)

Dear Sir,
We wish to know the unit price for a 18m3 per day sludge incinerator.
Thanks (Nigeria)

I would like to get a quote on the pet crematorium for up to 100 kg/hour and would like to know about the bi-product, heat source, fuel used and power requirements as well as If The machine meets the legal environmental rules. (Oman)

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