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PETALING Jaya City Council (MBPJ) has plans to purchase a new incinerator for its crematorium in Kampung Tunku.

PETALING Jaya City Council (MBPJ) has plans to purchase a new incinerator for its crematorium in Kampung Tunku.

During Tuesday's fullboard meeting councillor Derek Fernandez highlighted the need for more efficient incinerators.

He said it was brought to the attention of several councillors that two of the three incinerators at the council's crematorium was faulty.

It was learnt that a family was forced to bring a body to a nearby private crematorium instead recently.

"We need to provide good service. Let us not cite cost as an excuse for poor maintenance.

"Good service should always be emphasised. It does not matter if we have to spend more to provide the best facility.

"The residents of Petaling Jaya will be very grateful for the facility and its good service," he said.

Mayor Datuk Mohamad Roslan Sakiman said the council has plans to purchase a new incinerator with full maintenance to be provided by the builder.

A council officer explained that there are three incinerators in the crematorium. Two are operational at all times and one remains as a backup.

He said two of the incinerators had become faulty and that the council does not want to risk overusing the remaining one.

"We can't take the risk with just one incinerator. What happens if it breaks down while a body is being cremated?" said an officer.

He added that each day a maximum of five bodies can be cremated. Each body takes a minimum of two hours to cremate. Every month about 40 bodies are cremated.

The council spends RM100,000 each year for the maintenance of the incinerators. Maintenance is done by the council's mechanical team.

The cost to cremate a body is RM180.

Two of the incinerators are 15 years old and one was purchased three years ago at the cost of RM500,000.

The council also has plans to provide an e-Kubur (e-Graveyard) service at its Kota Damansara Muslim cemetery.

Data such as burial plot number, location of the burial spot and other details of the deceased will be computerised.

The family of the deceased can check these details before entering the graveyard.

Meanwhile, the council hopes to complete its internal audit investigation on the case of the Petaling Jaya Local Plan 2.

The council has decided to use the state-approved plan as a guideline for all the developments.

The investigation report will be presented to the state executive council latest by end of this month.

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